How to Win

Claiming your free Iphone 6 is simple. It’s takes less than 5 minutes. 3 simple steps.
1. click on the link above saying you want your free Iphone 6 or click here.
2. Next you have to simply verify you are human by downloading and running an app for 30 seconds. It will look something like this.

og mobi

Don’t worry these are clean premium apps and you can delete them afterwards if you like.

3. Enter your details; name and delievery address in the form provided.

What colour Iphones do you offer

We have Iphone 6 and 6+ that you can get in Gold, Silver or Black.

Is this real? or a Scam

This is a very common question. Yes this is real. It is not a scam. We don’t want any money from you and we will never ask for it.

We generate revenue through our sponsors, adverts and promotions. This allows us to afford to giveaway free Iphones. Giving away Iphones creates a lot of attention so we get more money from sponsors and advertising and the whole process continues.
We have a lot of Iphones to giveaway.

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